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silOOette - Launching Soon

silOOette is a new social sharing app

It's video-led, it's FREE and it's different

To post a video, photo or text, you first create a 'Log'
It could be anything, from a 'Travel Log' to a 'Selfies Log'

Check out other people's Logs

On silOOette you decide WHY you are connected to someone - maybe it's because of your shared love of football...but you're not too keen on seeing videos of their cat! That's cool, just follow their 'Football Log', leave the rest

silOOette also offers a premium version

This is where Leaders can connect with their True Followers, their tribe. True Followers reward Creatives, allowing them to remain true; to stay focused on creating great content, which is what True Followers want and appreciate.

So whether you're a thought-leader or entertainer, an expert or motivator, a taste-maker or social (media) butterfly, connect with your True Followers, started earning from your work and stay focused on what you do best.

For more info, click on 'silOOette for Creatives' above

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Some photos from the silOOette community

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